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A Great WaPo Editorial: We’ve Given Qaddafi Little Choice but to Die Trying

The Washington Post today has a stunning editorial on the unintended consequences of the administration’s odd handling of the Libya crisis:

The administration’s response to Moammar Gaddafi seems to be having the effect of encouraging him to wage a civil war while locking in the military advantage he holds.

Mr. Obama followed European leaders in declaring that Mr. Gaddafi must be removed from power; a White House account of his telephone call Tuesday with British Prime Minister David Cameron said “the common objective in Libya must be an immediate end to brutality and violence [and] the departure of Gaddafi from power as quickly as possible.” At the same time a U.N. Security Council resolution passed on Feb. 26 referred Mr. Gaddafi to the International Criminal Court for prosecution, meaning that he is likely to be subject to arrest if he leaves Libya.

It follows that the dictator has few choices other than to try to regain control of his country by force or die trying.

Read the whole thing.