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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Goes Ballistic at Radicalization Hearings

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee flipped out at the House Homeland Security Committee hearings on radicalization, telling the committee that it was “going in the direction of Arizona.”

“There is no redeeming factual information that we’re hearing today. It has already been tainted, this hearing,” she declared. “It has already been classified as an effort to demonize a whole broad base of human beings.”

“I am overwhelmed by this hearing and the lack of factual basis for it,” she continued, growing increasingly hysterical as her time ran out and Rep. Peter King tried to cut her off.

Maybe if Jackson Lee had actually listened to the testimony, she would have realized that witnesses were careful to make it clear that the problem is a tiny fraction of the Muslim community that enables radicalism, not the broad Muslim community as a whole.

Fortunately Melvin Bledsoe, whose young son converted to Islam and left the U.S. to engage in jihad, was there to steer Jackson Lee straight: “We’re not talking about all Muslims,” he informed her. “We’re talking about Muslim radicalization. I have family members who are Muslim.”

Bledsoe gets it. The other witnesses — including Muslim Americans — get it. So how come the Democrats still can’t grasp the concept that an investigation into radical political Islam has nothing to do with targeting the vast majority of the Muslim community?