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Obama’s Numbers Go Down as Gas Price Goes Up

No question Obama has been suffering in the polls recently, but The Hill sums up just how dire the situation is for him. Since Obama announced his candidacy for reelection on April 4, “the president’s numbers have gone down in every poll conducted during that period,” Sam Youngman reports. “Pollsters attribute the president’s dropping poll numbers to the rise of gasoline prices, which historically have taken a toll on the popularity of the White House.”

Although a gallon of gas has gone up in price by a national average of 14 cents in just two weeks, there are broader economic concerns, as well as the apparent military stalemate in Libya, which have likely added to the widespread disapproval. And tackling these sinking poll numbers will be tough for Obama. Spending more face-time with the American people hasn’t worked—his recent speech on the deficit and town hall meetings have made that clear. Obama will also be spending more time at fundraising events with wealthy donors as his reelection campaign gets underway, something that could make him appear out of touch with the growing concerns of the American people.