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“Some Boos, Mostly Cheers”

You have to give ABC’s Christiane Amanpour props for her aggressive effort to push the media narrative that Rep. Paul Ryan is facing a “backlash” from constituents over his budget plan.

“[T]own halls across America erupt in anger over a plan to slash spending,” the host of This Week began her program on Sunday.

But the rest of the show–which had Amanpour visiting Ryan’s town hall meetings–debunked her entire premise. She went to Wisconsin and found what many others have already reported. The crowds are largely friendly, despite dishonestly-edited videos from left-wing groups that purport otherwise.

“This is the tail end of the marathon series of town halls for Ryan, who seems wholly unconcerned with the heat he’s taking these days,” said Amanpour. “Though the crowds we saw in Wisconsin were mostly friendly, some of his town meetings have been contentious.”

Later she admitted that there were, “Some boos, but mostly cheers. The crowd is largely supportive.”

Despite the reality on the ground, Amanpour resiliently stuck to her narrative. “Congressman Ryan is at the center of the storm,” she insisted. “It’s his plan, of course, that has sparked the outcries. Across the country, the anger is palpable.”

Clearly it’s not palpable enough for a crew of ABC reporters and cameramen to catch it. Or for it, you know, to make a mark on the opinion polls for Ryan’s budget plan, which have remained steady despite a forceful fear-mongering campaign from the left.