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A Modest Peace Proposal

Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors (CJHS) has released a video of its panel discussion last week entitled “Goldstone, International Law, and the Coming Crisis in September,” in which Avi Bell, J. J. Surbeck and I participated. American Thinker has published an edited version of my remarks, “The Coming Crisis at the UN—And How Not to Waste It.” As I said:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could offer a new plan or new concessions when he speaks to Congress at the end of May, but they will be rejected by the Palestinians out of hand. The U.S. could offer its own peace plan, as the New York Times and J Street have been urging President Obama to do, but it will meet the same response, and make the U.S. look powerless and foolish in the process.  So what do you do?

My modest proposal: tell Fatah and Hamas to hold the election they have purportedly agreed to hold. We might as well find out beforehand what kind of state they are planning. If they can’t manage to hold an election, or field a candidate endorsing recognition of a Jewish state with defensible borders, or elect that candidate, or actually install him in office, it is not clear why a Palestinian state should continue to be a goal of American foreign policy.