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Christie May Be Looking at 2016, Not 2012

Recently the efforts to draft Gov. Chris Christie into the 2012 race seem to have died down, even though there is still a lot of enthusiasm for drafting Gov. Rick Perry or Rep. Paul Ryan.

But that isn’t stopping a group of top Iowa donors from flying to New Jersey today to encourage Christie to run. It’s highly unlikely that he will. He hasn’t finished a full term and he’s currently tied up with the state legislative session. But the fact that he’s even having the meeting shows that he probably has national aspirations at some point down the road—potentially in 2012.

The Des Moines Register spoke with Steve Forbes, who’s unsatisfied with the current crop of candidates and wants Christie or Ryan to enter the race. “I think there will be others in the race, even though they don’t know it today,” Forbes said. “You’re looking at an incomplete field.”

If the wooing of Christie tells us anything, it’s that Republicans are still letting their eyes wander away from the current field. Despite the fact that many analysts are saying that Republicans have to choose from the candidates already running, many conservatives are still unwilling to accept it.