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Weekend at the Peace Process

Jennifer Rubin writes that the peace process, like General Franco, is still dead. It will be dragged in like Bernie to Monday’s Quartet meeting, as everyone searches for a way to preclude the Palestinians from going to the UN for a declaration that will simply confirm the death.

The event to watch next week may be the hearing scheduled before a subcommittee of the House Foreign Affairs Committee on “Promoting Peace? Re-Examining U.S. Aid to the Palestinian Authority,” coming after both the Senate and House have adopted resolutions warning the PA of a possible cut-off. The last time the Palestinians went to the UN, forcing a U.S. veto, they were reportedly warned there would be consequences. As they prepare to go again, perhaps it is time to raise a basic question: Why is it in the U.S. interest to continue to support an entity that has repeatedly refused offers of a state, failed to dismantle terrorist groups, clings to a deal-killing “right of return,” has for more than two years been unwilling to engage in peace negotiations without preconditions, and has become a money hole?