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Dissatisfaction with Obama Will Affect Democratic Lawmakers

Yesterday, I wrote a post calling attention to the fact that in Virginia, the president’s approval rating among Independents is 41 percent while 54 percent disapprove of him. “In the end,” I wrote, “presidential races come down to winning and losing states – and a lot of traditionally Republican states (like Indiana and North Carolina) that Obama picked off in 2008 will be out of reach for him come 2012.”

Today, we learned that since May, President Obama has experienced a 14-point negative shift in his job approval rating among North Carolina voters. Forty-four percent of voters polled by the Civitas Institute said they approve of the job Barack Obama is doing while 52 percent said they disapprove. (In May 2011 Obama’s job approval rating stood at 51 percent approve v. 45 percent disapprove.)

Democratic voters overall approve of Obama’s performance (72 percent approve v. 25 percent disapprove). In contrast, almost nine in 10 Republicans (87 percent) disapprove of the president’s performance. And so do 60 percent of unaffiliated voters. “This is the largest swing we have seen in the president’s job approval and could be another sign that Obama’s support in North Carolina is waning,” said Civitas Institute President Francis De Luca.

There also appears to be some negative spillover to Democratic lawmakers, including Democratic Governor Bev Perdue. Forty-four percent said they hold a favorable opinion of her while 47 percent said their opinion is unfavorable, with more than half of unaffiliated voters (51 percent) viewing her unfavorably.

Governor Perdue should get in line now; the list of Democrats who are going to disassociate themselves from the president between now and the first Tuesday in November 2012 will be a long one.