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U.S. Remains a Center-Right Country

According to the most recent Gallup Poll, 41 percent of Americans self-identify as conservative, 36 percent as moderate and 21 percent as liberal.

The most interesting finding isn’t that conservatives outnumber liberals by roughly two-to-one — that has been the case for decades now — but if this pattern continues, 2011 will be the third straight year conservatives significantly outnumber moderates, the next largest ideological bloc.

In addition, among Republicans, conservatives currently outnumber moderates by nearly three-to-one (72 percent v. 24 percent), while only four percent are liberal. On the flip side, about four in 10 Democrats are liberal, another four in 10 are moderate and about two in 10 are conservative. This data, taken together, confirm America remains a center-right country — and in the age of Obama, it is trending more toward the right than the center.

Margaret Thatcher once said our ills create their own anti-bodies, and Barack Obama’s liberalism is creating strong anti-bodies in the American polity. Barack Obama, like Jimmy Carter before him, is providing enormous assistance for those of us who argue the superiority of conservatism over liberalism. It  may be the only good thing Obama achieves in office.