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Americans Unhappy With Debt Ceiling Deal

While liberals and conservatives have their own separate complaints about the debt ceiling deal signed into law yesterday, a Gallup poll out today shows it’s not particularly popular with the general public either. Forty-six percent of Americans disapprove of the agreement, compared to 39 percent who approve.

Democrats are the most likely to support the deal at 58 percent. But independent voters disapprove of it 50 percent to 33 percent, and Republicans disapprove of it 64 to 26 percent. Republicans and independents are also more likely to see the deal as a step backward for addressing the federal debt problem.

Gallup didn’t delve into the reasons Americans are unhappy with the agreement, but it could be because it didn’t include enough spending cuts, if the polling group’s previous surveys are any indication.

In July, Gallup found the majority of Americans were concerned the deal wouldn’t include enough spending cuts. In comparison, just 35 percent were worried Congress would fail to raise the debt ceiling and spark an economic crisis.

From the results of the latest poll, it’s pretty clear getting this deal done before the deadline isn’t going to boost the approval ratings of lawmakers from either party, including the president.