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Turkey Commits War Crimes in Iraq: Where’s Goldstone?

In recent weeks, there has been an uptick in Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) attacks in Turkey, and, if Turkish press reports are to be believed, several dozen Turks have lost their lives. Turkey has responded by increasing its attacks on neighboring Iraqi Kurdistan, where Turkish authorities say the PKK enjoys safe-haven.

Well, today, Turkey took matters into its own hands–imagine, it didn’t place its own defense in the hands of the United Nations!  It bombed northern Iraq and killed seven Kurdish civilians. Given the Turkish reaction to Israeli strikes on Gaza in the wake of Hamas attacks and the fact the Turkish prime minister surely would not want to be such a blatant hypocrite, let me be the first to call for the United Nations to launch an independent probe of Turkish war crimes against the population of neighboring Iraq and what appears to be its deliberate targeting of civilians. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, where are you? Human Rights Watch? Richard Goldstone? Samantha Power?