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“Occupy the Hood” to Prove We’re Not Racist

It’s true that Occupy Wall Street is made up almost exclusively of white, college-aged, middle-class kids. But it’s definitely not racist. And to prove it, OWS activists are reaching out to minorities where they live – in the ‘hood, of course:

The Occupy Wall Street movement that has spread beyond New York’s financial district to cities all over the country and even beyond the U.S. has one glaring shortcoming, according to some activists: It’s too white. According to the Village Voice, New Yorker Malik Rhasaan launched a Facebook page for Occupy The Hood after observing what he sees as a lack of racial diversity among OWS protesters. “I noticed there isn’t a strong black and Latino presence. … People don’t know why Wall Street affects them. It affects us the most when we’re not knowledgeable about it,” he told the newspaper.

With all of the ultra-sensitivity on the left, this idea just sounds like it’s going to end up offending a lot of people. Why not just reach out to minority organizations instead? There has to be a way to encourage diversity without delving into hackneyed racial stereotypes.