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DNC Attacks Romney as Flip-Flopper

The video ad was created by the DNC, but it could just as easily have been put together by Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Freedomworks, or any of Mitt Romney’s other opponents on the right. It’s not really a general election attack, but one designed to wound Romney in the primaries, and potentially help buoy a less electable Republican candidate to the nomination:

Mike Allen calls the ad “brutal,” and he’s right. But I wonder how Republicans will react to seeing a lot of their own arguments against Romney coming out of the DNC’s mouth? Will the attack be just as effective? Or will it cause some conservatives to want to jump to Romney’s defense? After all, some of the “flip-flop” instances that the DNC mentions – i.e. the idea he knowingly hired illegal immigrants – are just downright unfair.

The ad will reportedly be airing in six battleground states. But the DNC is also holding viewing events in key GOP primary states, including New Hampshire, Iowa and Florida. And they’ve created a website, called, to reach out to voters online. If the DNC wants to go all-out with this attack, now is the time to do it. Once the general election rolls around, attacking any GOP candidate as a flip-flopper will be risky, since Obama has plenty of his own unfulfilled promises and inconsistencies from his 2008 campaign.