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Obama’s Claim About His Presidency and Israel: Delusional or Cynically Misleading?

President Obama’s claim that “this administration has done more in terms of the security of the state of Israel than any previous administration” is not simply wrong; it is fantastically wrong. It isn’t simply that many presidents – including Truman, Reagan, and George W. Bush – were rightly considered to be far greater friends of Israel than the current occupant of the White House. It is that few presidents, and perhaps no president, has been as instinctively and operationally hostile to Israel as Obama (for more, see Jonathan’s comprehensive post here:).

There are only two possibilities, then. Obama’s claim is either utterly delusional, which is possible; or it is a claim so absurd that it qualifies as cynically misleading. Perhaps because I don’t want to believe the commander-in-chief is living in a world that begins “Once upon a time,” I’ll assume Obama’s claim falls in the second category.

It can now be said Obama will say virtually anything in order to be elected; that at least some of his assertions (made to a crowd of the liberal one percent) are not simply invented out of thin air but qualify as a direct assault on truth and reality.

And just think–we still have 11 months to go before the election. We can only assume this is only a warm-up act for Obama.

I can hardly wait for the main act.