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U.S. Drone Kills 21 Turks in Afghanistan

A jihadist website has announced the death of 21 Turks, reportedly fighting with the Haqqani network against U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan. According to Musa Üzer, secretary-general of the Free Thought and Education Rights Association in Istanbul, “They were in the war zone voluntarily to stand up against the imperialists’ occupation of the Muslim world. Their fighting is self-defense in the name of God and jihad.”

Turkey seeks to deflect attention away from its bad behavior by insisting that they remain invaluable to the fight in Afghanistan. But as I testified before Congress about a year and a half ago, nearly as many Turks fight against us in Afghanistan as fight with us. If the Turks are serious about countering terrorism, perhaps it’s time that their troops become the point of the spear against Taifetul Mansura and other Turkish Jihadist groups which have taken up arms in favor of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. Perhaps Turkey will also want to take action against its own governing officials who donate money to such groups.