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Biden and the Arrogance of Power

Back in 1993, it was Bill Clinton’s haircut tying up air traffic at Los Angeles International Airport. Just last week, President Obama appeared oblivious to how poorly-timed fundraising events could tie Manhattan traffic in knots. If Obama can cause a traffic jam, though, it seems that Vice President Biden wants to one up him. Buried in a Turkish news story about Biden’s visit to Istanbul, was this nugget:

Enjoying the Bosporus view underneath with a speed of around 10 kilometers per hour, he [Biden] did possibly not get the goodwill wishes from all those driving in Saturday lunchtime traffic of the city inhabited by 14 million people.

There are two cross-strait bridges in Istanbul. How wonderful it was for Biden to decide to crawl over one at 6 miles per hour. Perhaps there’s a teachable moment in there somewhere.