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A Match Made in Heaven

Yesterday, Mitt Romney announced he would not attend a December 27 debate hosted by Donald Trump, joining both Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman in the boycott. In response, Newt Gingrich wondered aloud why these candidates were “afraid” of Trump and said it would be taken as a sign they are “weak.”

That’s quite a silly statement. Romney, Paul, and Huntsman aren’t afraid of Donald Trump; they simply have enough wisdom to stay away from an event hosted by a publicity-obsessed buffoon. Nor is their absence from the debate a sign of weakness; it is, in fact, a sign they have a sense of propriety. That cannot always be said of Gingrich.

I will say this: if there’s one GOP presidential candidate who probably does belong in the company of Donald Trump, it’s Newt Gingrich. They do share several traits in common. Not all of them are good.