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Obama’s Failed Promises

The RNC put out this ad, which is far more effective than any ad run against Barack Obama in 2008. That isn’t because the people producing GOP ads are significantly better, or even any better, than those producing ads four years ago. The difference is that now, unlike then, Republicans have a stationary target in President Obama.

In 2008, Obama did not have much of a record to focus on. Today he does, and the empirical case against the Obama presidency is overwhelming. The irony is that the very thing Obama relied on to win the presidency – his own words (such as “This was the moment when it all began” and Obama’s promise to “offer change that we can believe in”) — may well lead to his undoing.

To hear Obama speak then, and to see the reality now, is jolting. His rhetoric today, in light of events, is so shallow, so empty, so airy. It’s hard to image we once took his words seriously. And it tells you everything you need to know that it’s the GOP, not the Democratic Party, that will be replaying Obama’s words time and time again in 2012.