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Will Turkey Become a Terror Sponsor?

The anti-Israel animus of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is no secret, nor is the widespread anti-Semitism of many Turkish officials, anti-Semitism that ranges from classic conspiracy theories to an endorsement of the view that any Jew who believes a strong, democratic Israel is a positive interest somehow harbors dual loyalties.

A few days ago, I wrote a short blog post about the discussion in Turkey about whether or not to become the new host to Hamas, now that the group is seeking to flee Syria, its long term sponsor. I noted that Syria remained on the State Sponsor of Terrorism List largely because it hosted so many terrorist groups.

Yusuf Kanli, a columnist for Hurriyet, tackles the same issue in a more eloquent manner than I ever could, asking,“Should Turkey embrace Hamas as a ‘civilian’ party?” It is a question that goes to the root of the legitimization campaign for not only Hamas, but also Hezbollah. Notes Kanli:

As a country that has suffered so much from terrorism and lost almost 40,000 people to terrorism-related violence, Turkey should not be assisting, abetting or providing some sort of overt or covert support to terrorism in another country.

Amen to that. Certainly, Kanli’s column is worth reading in full. It is only a shame that as the State Department confuses  sycophancy with diplomacy, it remains unwilling to speak with the moral clarity that some Turks do on the issue.