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Purim 2.0(12)

In Ali’s days it comes to pass,
A scary tale, one all but farce.
Admittedly it’s not the end,
But we’ll try yet to comprehend.

The sixth and tenth year of his reign,
Despite the oil, a sad domain.
Devout was he so nought to drink,
Nor in the land were men of pink.

For one day he’d need to account -
Although his lands did not amount
To twenty seven and a cent,
For heaven was he still hellbent.

That is if he once and for all
Did heed the heavens’ mighty call.
His foe to devastate at last
With marvel and a mighty blast.

Ambrosia he could not enjoy
Unless those cities he’d destroy.
No virgins would be given him
Unless he blew up kibbutzim.

His title says on earth are signs
Which help the faithful shape designs.
And soon he would complete his task
And therefore in divine light bask.

Ali and he who came before
Have long sought surety galore.
And Satan Minor they’d rebuke,
A final time, with holy nuke.

And so together he did call
His trusted circle, wherewithal,
To see which from that godly group
Could push his plan, the world to dupe.

Mahmoud, and Abba and Akhbar,
Gholam and Hammed and Modar,
Another Hammed, one more too,
And Mir and Ahmad, were the few

Ahmad it was who most impressed.
And so in him Ali’d invest.
Thus from this group, this Camelot,
To Ahmad would he power allot.

Ahmad the people did ‘elect’ -
Though Ali did of course direct.
And re-elect they’d later do
(If meaning says to words ‘adieu’).

Ahmad the country’s cunning chief
From tyrants’ book took he a leaf:
So rarely do his lips speak truth
Nor to the people show he ruth.

And never does he wear a tie -
The one whom no-one dare defy -
And always sporting that grey suit
And surely that white coat to boot.

As year by year new sites arose
The threat from him – it grows and grows
Bushehr, Natanz, Arak and Qom
Ahmad defends with great aplomb.

That land thus does again conspire
To wipe out Israel entire.
It’s clear thus, since once more they try
The Bible failed to edify.

No lots be drawn, we take no chance
To stop the stealthy scheme’s advance.
The world need not one more ‘j’accuse!’
And much besides it has to lose.

As things now stand, Isra’l’s been sold
For which it can its allies scold.
This farce has gone on long enough:
It’s time to call the mullahs’ bluff.

But this round too a Binyamite
Might yet frustrate their appetite.
We pray him in this season strength
So that our days can live their length.