Commentary Magazine


A Beautiful Tribute

COMMENTARY’s critic-at-large, Terry Teachout, has just written an extraordinarily moving blog post on the passing of his mother, Evelyn, that deserves to be read and circulated. A taste:

 In 1947 she married a dashing Army Air Corps vet, bore him two sons, and spent the greater part of the next half-century working for a string of Smalltown accountants. Hers, I suppose, was a nominally uneventful existence, at least when judged by the short-sighted standards of the world. Yet Evelyn Teachout, who died peacefully last night after a long illness, loved her life and made a deep impression on everyone who met her, for she was a quick-witted, thoroughly decent person whose kindness and generosity were self-evident.

In nurturing Terry and giving him the sense of possibility that led him from that small town to the center of American culture, Evelyn Teachout did us all a service. May her memory be for a blessing.