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Clinton in ’10: Vote Dems Out if Economy Doesn’t Rebound

Bill Clinton may be shaping up to be the worst surrogate of all time. Not only has he pummeled President Obama’s campaign’s economic message in present time, he also managed to plant this ticking time bomb back in 2010 (h/t Joe Schoffstall):

And [Republicans] say [Democrats] had 21 months, put us back in. The Democrats are saying something like this: Look, we found a big hole that we did not dig, and we didn’t get out of it in 21 months, but at least we quit digging. So, don’t go back in reverse, give us two more years and if it doesn’t work you have another election in just two years, you can vote us all out then. But for goodness sakes, we quit digging, don’t bring back the shovel brigade.”

Clinton made this comment the September before the 2010 midterm elections, so the argument from Democrats will probably be that the economic recovery was set back after the obstructionist Republicans took back the House. Still, the GOP will more than likely hold onto the House even if Obama wins reelection, so what message does that send the public? If Obama is basically conceding that he can’t reboot the economy as long as there’s divided control of Congress, then he’s pretty much saying that the next two-to-four years of his second term would bring no progress either. Considering that Obama ran in 2008 as a bipartisan uniter, that’s an interesting case to make.

Clinton’s line is attack ad gold for the GOP. If they pair it with Obama’s “one-term proposition” comments, it will be doubly brutal.