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Romney’s Hispanic Outreach Ad

Specifically, Romney’s new ad focuses on the disproportionate impact the economic downturn has had on the Hispanic community. Eleven percent are unemployed, compared with around eight percent for the public at large (h/t Dan Halper):

The Romney camp clearly hopes it can win over Hispanic voters with its economic message, and for good reason. Hispanic voters consistently cite jobs and the economy as their top election concerns, despite the political emphasis on immigration. But that doesn’t mean the Romney campaign can solely rely on economic issues to woo Hispanic voters and avoid coming up with a clear and consistent message on immigration.

Read Ruben Navarette on Romney’s stilted immigration outreach today. Navarette, as usual, makes good points. It’s a contradiction for the Romney camp to blast Obama about his new deportation guidelines, and then act as if immigration is not a key issue for Hispanics when faced with questions about Romney’s own proposed policies.