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‘I Am the Girl in the Bunker’

Many young American Jews, especially those who are educated at Orthodox schools, often spend a year in Israel between high school and college studying. Talia Lefkowitz, a graduate of New York City’s Ramaz, instead has spent the past year with a paratrooper unit in Israel. She writes powerfully in limpid prose of her experience in the midst of rocket attacks this morning at Tablet:

Hours go by without a rocket, and I start to relax. Maybe it’s over. The media, even the Israeli newspapers, are saying that it is no big deal. I start to believe them. But then another bomb hits without warning, and this one falls just feet from us. It’s like an earthquake. The room sways, and I fall out of my bed. The next few minutes seem to move in slow motion. Screaming, frenzy, smoke. Everyone running. Hands covering their ears. Wiping their eyes. Holding tissues over their mouths and noses.

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