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Romney’s Sister: He Would Never Ban Abortion

Mitt Romney’s sister, Jane Romney, probably didn’t do him any favors with values voters with her comments on abortion today. But give her credit for being one of the few campaign surrogates to speak about this issue honestly.

Republican leadership and the Romney campaign know a Romney administration isn’t going to be able to outlaw abortion even if it wanted to. But instead of just saying it outright, they usually just hem and haw around the issue (h/t Politico):

Mitt Romney’s eldest sister, who has backed prominent Democrats for office and is Tampa showing support for her brother, had some reassuring words Wednesday for women concerned about the Republican Party’s hard line on abortion.

“He’s not going to be touching any of that,” she said. “It’s not his focus.”

Democratic warnings that abortion rights are under threat are an ungrounded fear tactic, Jane Romney said. “That’s what women are afraid of, but that’s conjured,” she said. “Personally, I don’t think abortion should be used as a football in the political arena.” …

A ban on abortion is “never going to happen” under a Romney administration, Jane Romney said. “Women would take to the streets. Women fought for our choice, we’re not going to go back.”

Republicans and Democrats are both equally to blame when it comes to misleading their bases on this issue. The Democrats pretend that a Romney victory would mean the end of legal abortion in America, and Republican leaders pretends that this notion isn’t completely insane. If a Bush-Cheney administration (and Republican-majority congress/conservative-majority Supreme Court) didn’t ban abortion, what are the chances a Romney-Ryan administration would?

Jane Romney is right, it’s not going to happen.