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State Dept. Admits: No Protest in Benghazi

It only took the State Department a month to acknowledge what the rest of us had gathered weeks ago: there was no random protest outside the Benghazi consulate, unless you consider a group of terrorists armed with heavy artillery a “protest.” According to ABC News, the State Department changed its story now “as part of its investigation,” which tells you just how serious its investigation will be (h/t Allahpundit):

It’s no coincidence that this news came just ahead of Rep. Darrell Issa’s hearing into the State Department’s security lapses. Issa’s investigation will likely look into what the State Department knew and when it knew it — and based on reports about the initial intelligence, it’s a safe bet that State officials were aware of the terrorist attack before they sent UN Ambassador Susan Rice out on TV to claim this was just a spontaneous protest that spiraled out of control.

The question that still hasn’t been answered is why would the State Department put out that false narrative in the first place? Were they asked to do so by the White House, or did they have their own reasons for delaying the bad news? The State Department has tried to slow-walk out any new or negative information since the attack, likely as a form of damage control, but it looks like Issa’s investigation is finally forcing them to speed things up.