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Report: Petraeus to Testify on Benghazi Friday

The theory that David Petraeus was pushed out at the CIA because someone didn’t want him testifying at this week’s Senate hearing never made much sense. He was going to have to testify eventually anyway, whether voluntarily or dragged there by a subpoena. And as we saw from his resignation last week, Petraeus seems like someone who prefers taking preemptive action rather than waiting for the hatchet to fall

Former CIA Director David Petraeus has agreed to testify about the Libya terror attack before the House and Senate intelligence committees, Fox News has learned. …

The logistics of Petraeus’ appearance are still being worked out. But a source close to Petraeus said the former four-star general has contacted the CIA, as well as committees in both the House and Senate, to offer his testimony as the former CIA director. 

Fox News has learned he is expected to speak off-site to the Senate Intelligence Committee on Friday about his Libya report.

The House side is still being worked out. 

The White House and the State Department may come to regret that month and a half they spent shifting blame for the Benghazi attack to Langley. Petraeus could easily become the administration’s biggest nightmare. He has two of the most dangerous things you can have in Washington: information and nothing to lose. 

According to Bill Kristol, Petraeus privately told a member of Congress after a closed hearing in September, “This is what happened in Benghazi. Do you want the official line or do you want the real truth?” The Senate Intelligence Committee may finally hear the real truth in their closed hearing on Friday. The rest of us will have to wait for it to leak out, but, for once, the media will have no excuse but to cover it.