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Don’t Give Turkey Patriot Missiles

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu continues to lambaste Israel for fighting back against the barrage of rockets and missiles Hamas launched at Israel in recent weeks and months. “Turkey cannot agree with Obama’s saying that Israel was using its right of self-defense,” Davutoğlu told CNNTürk.

The foreign minister’s comments come against the backdrop of Turkey demanding that the United States provide Turkey with Patriot missiles to defend Turkey against the threat of Syrian rockets. It’s time for the White House to demand that Turkey be consistent. It is ridiculous for Turkey to complain about Kurdistan Workers Party [PKK] terrorism and expect others to isolate the group (which now fights a military insurgency) while it embraces and empowers Hamas. Likewise, it is ludicrous to condemn Israel for its refusal to tolerate terrorists launching missiles at it, while at the same time Turkey seeks the same right of self-defense.

The only difference between Israel and Turkey, it seems, is that Israel seeks to minimize civilian casualties when it conducts counter-terror operations while Turkey has killed upwards of 40,000 Kurds. Until Turkey rectifies such inconsistencies in its policies, neither the United States nor NATO should provide them with further assistance.