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COMMENTARY on Margaret Thatcher

As our Max Boot, John Steele Gordon and Peter Wehner have already written today, Margaret Thatcher was a crucial historical figure whose achievements transformed Britain and helped to win the Cold War against Communism and the Soviet Union. Here’s a brief collection of COMMENTARY articles on Thatcher over the years:

John O’Sullivan wrote in 1983 about her early successes as prime minister in “Thatcherization, Continued.”

O’Sullivan also summed her political career in 1989 with “Britain Under the Iron (High) Heel?”

The great historian Paul Johnson reviewed Thatcher’s memoirs, The Downing Street Years.

Ted Bromund analyzed the problems with the biographical film about Thatcher in 2012 in “Iron Lady Bias Can’t Diminish Thatcher.”

Jonathan Neumann discussed the same topic in “The Ideas Lady.”