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Gravitas Shmavitas

So now we know what Barack Obama really wants to be when he grows up: the host of an ESPN sports show. And not even one of the ones where sporty sages provide deep analysis of the sports biz–games, teams, leagues, athletes. No, as he told a group of Hollywood high-flyers during his latest mutual-ego-massage trip there, his heart’s desire is ESPN’s SportsCenter’s Top 10 list–the show where you can find countdown lists about “everything from major sports to bull fighting to high school basketball.”

Okay, okay. So he was joking (supposedly). As someone who heard the president’s remark told the Hollywood Reporter, “everyone had a good giggle.”

But I’m not laughing. Seems to me it’s just Mr. Obama’s speed, and right up his alley. I only wish he’d thought of it sooner, like in about 2007 or so.