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A Plague of Children

- Abstract

We must turn to a course of reducing the size of the human population over the next few centuries . . . as rapidly as possible. . . .100 % effective contraception available to all would not halt population growth…. People want too many children.

-Paul R. Ehrlich, Encounter, December 1970

THIS IS NOT the Professor Paul Ehrlich of Salvarsan, the Magic Bullet, but this one, too, leader of the movement for ZPG-Zero Population Growth-is an eminent scientist. Therefore he sees things as they are, not as he would wish them to be. He knows that people want what they should not want, what is bad for them and us, what for their good and ours they must be kept from having. Not only children: Professor Ehrlich also knows that “people want to enjoy massive consumption” and that “people are aggressive and xenophobic.” No humane per- son could have a laissez-faire attitude toward aggression and xenophobia. He would want to curb them. And so with massive consumption, and with too many children.

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