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A Post-Clinton Childhood

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Though  my oldest daughter, now seven, lives   in New York and has a father who writes a column for one of the city’s tabloids, she does not know who Anthony Weiner is. She has never—never—watched the news, except when I’ve been on a cable channel for a few minutes here and there as a talking head. She reads headlines in the newspaper, but doesn’t inquire much about them. A few months ago she said  she wanted to run a lemonade stand to help Japan,  but she did not seem to know the details of the tragedy there. My daughter knows I edit this magazine, and she glances at the cover with interest—but knows it’s not for  her and puts it down.

The point is that somehow she knows it’s all not  for her. And she is fine with it. She  has been raised with a sense that  there is a clear bifurcation between  the adults’ realm and the children’s  realm, and she is perfectly happy  staying in the one intended for her.

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John Podhoretz is editor of COMMENTARY.