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Air Force Intelligence

To the Editor:

In his review of The Politics of Defeat: America’s Decline in the Middle East [Books in Review, January] Michael Ledeen refers to author Joseph Churba as the “former intelligence chief of the Air Force,” and again as “former head of Air Force intelligence.”

In the interests of accuracy, I should point out that Mr. Churba, although a former civilian employee of the Air Force, was never the chief or the head of our intelligence agency. Prior to his resignation, he was a special adviser to the Chief of Staff for Intelligence.

The present “head” or “chief” of the Air Force intelligence agency is Major General James L. Brown, Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence. He was preceded by Lieutenant General Eugene F. Tighe, who is now director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Herbert L. Wurth
Department of the Air Force
Washington, D.C.

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