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Alien Nation, by Peter Brimelow

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A few years ago I was present when a University of California vice president browbeat an unsuspecting undergraduate into silence. The offending student had innocently asked if California’s emerging budget crisis was traceable to population pressures stemming in part from immigration. “No,” the usually smooth but now ruffled administrator shot back, “there is no connection whatsoever between immigration and population growth in California, and linking the two smacks of bigotry and racism.”

This exchange occurred well before Governor Pete Wilson and Proposition 187 transformed the immigration issue into a national political controversy. Today, not only would that student be less vulnerable to such treatment, he might well be brimming with confidence, particularly if he were armed and ready with arguments from Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster, a sassy but uneven anti-immigration polemic by Peter Brimelow.

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