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All Governments Lie! by Myra MacPherson; The Best of I.F. Stone edited by Karl Weber

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I.F. Stone died in 1989 at the age of eighty-one, but he is still an inescapable presence in the world of journalism. All Governments Lie!, Myra MacPerson’s detailed and readable account of his life, is the third major biography of the Left-leaning writer, who remains, to exaggerate only slightly, every liberal’s favorite radical and one of the journalistic heroes of the age. MacPherson, a veteran Washington Post reporter, notes that Stone continues to be memorialized on college campuses via I.F. Stone chairs, I.F. Stone fellowships, and I.F. Stone scholarships. In 1999, NYU’s journalism department published a list of the 100 “best works of 20th-century American journalism”; the I.F. Stone Weekly—a four-page newsletter self-published by its author over three decades—ranked sixteenth, ahead of assorted efforts by such media eminences as Tom Wolfe, Norman Mailer, Truman Capote, Theodore White, Dorothy Thompson, and Walter Lippmann.

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Dan Seligman is a contributing editor of Forbes.