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Apostles of Discord, by Ralph Lord Roy

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About a year ago, after the Slansky trial and the arrest in Moscow of the Jewish doctors, James H. Madole, director of the National Renaissance party, proposed that the United States should purge itself of Jews too. “Then,” said Madole, “Russia and America could come to terms and a world war would be averted.”

Other “rightist” hate-mongers, reports Mr. Roy in Apostles of Discord, were equally if somewhat variously responsive to Moscow’s initiative. Gerald Winrod’s Defender Magazine declared that the whole affair was part of a Jewish scheme to get the United States into another world war. Conde McGinley’s Common Sense predicted that “Eisenhower, with this guidance, will lead us into war against Russia to save the Jews behind the Iron Curtain. . . . If the Russian people wish to throw off their Jewish yoke, what right have we to criticize?”

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