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Benjamin Chavis & the NAACP

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To the Editor:

Arch Puddington’s attack on Benjamin Chavis and the NAACP [“The NAACP Turns Left,” January] is, at best, puzzling.

I have worked on periodic projects with Benjamin Chavis over the past decade and have never heard him, whether in private or in public, say anything about Jews or Israel that even approximates the statements Mr. Puddington attributes to him. It is, therefore, difficult to assess the broadside attack on Chavis’s earlier statements. Although I cannot directly assess the accuracy or context of the quotes that Mr. Puddington attributes to Chavis, Mr. Pudding-ton’s “logic” is clearly suspect. Thus, for example, because Chavis admired the Sandinistas, “it can therefore be inferred” that he would have liked to import state socialism into the United States. Then, taking the inference as fact, Mr. Puddington goes on to attack Chavis for his subversive desire.

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