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Cedars of Lebanon: Chess at Chanukah

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Z. F. FINOT was the pen name of Dr. Z. F. Finkelstein, who was born in Lvov in 1886. For many years he was a resident of Vienna, where he was editor of Die Stimme as well as correspondent of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

Long active as a Zionist, he wrote a book on Theodor Herzl, Schicksalsstuden eines Fuhrers-A Leader’s Hour of Destiny. In 1938 he moved to Jerusalem, where he worked as a free-lance journalist and founded the Austrian Settlers’ Association. He died in Jerusalem in September of this year. The present selection was found in Allgemeine Wochenzeitung der Juden in Deutschland, a weekly published at Duisseldorf by and for German Jews, and has been translated by me from the original Ger- man.-HARRY ZOHN

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