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Cedars of Lebanon:
Wisdom for a Time of Reckoning

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A cock said to his hen: “There is no more wheat or ears; wherefore are we laggard? There is famine in the city and we shall die. Let us go and lodge in the villages. My brother hath a granary of barley, and there shall we dwell for a whole year, about the granary and its plenty.” The two went forth together and walked a day’s journey until they came to the town in a land of wheat and barley. There the hen built her nest, and before the year’s end there were chicks in her form and image, seven robust cockerels and a puny pullet. When she clucked to her brood they scratched for grain with their feet as did she. They ate share and share alike; there was abundance, and the mother rejoiced in her progeny.

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