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Choose Life: The Biblical Call to Revolt, by Eric Gutkind

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This is a paradoxical book. It displays considerable learning, but indulges in the most dubious generalizations. It abounds in deep insights, but also in claims which can only be called ridiculous. It is highly original and wholly unconventional—yet the central thesis is neither original nor unconventional: a religious and optimistic humanism based on Biblical teaching.

It is well to emphasize the valuable aspects of Choose Life, for the reader might quite understandably be frightened off before he has had a chance to discover them. The author’s eagerness to find salvation for modern man in the Jewish spirit induces him to make the most extravagant claims in its behalf. We are told that while mankind today is largely perverted by mass hypnosis, “the soul of Israel is incorruptible”; that “Israel is not merely the late result of a long evolution. It is an intrinsic part of reality, from the very beginning. Because it is a maximal possibility of evolution, it is the very principle of evolution.”

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