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Come into the Hallway, for Five Cents!
A Story

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ONCE upon a time, we Jews had a Princess, named Berenice, who was affianced to the Emperor Titus. Bedecked in her jewels, attended by her slaves, and with gongs and cymbals clashing, this Jewish Princess made her appearance in the court of Rome, only to find that the King of the Romans had gone mad. For the Emperor Titus insisted there were flies buzzing in his ears. How the Jews throughout the Roman Empire must have prayed for this marriage! But it was not to be.

Once upon a time, we, too, had a Berenice, who was affianced to a king among men. Bedecked in a housedress, her stockings bulging with money, this Berenice appeared in Usher’s house in Brownsville, only to find her king had flies in his nose! There the parallel ends.

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