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Defying Hitler by Sebastian Haffner

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FROM THE English title of this book one might expect it to be another rehearsal of the doomed German resistance to the Third Reich. But that is not its subject. Nor is it a memoir of any of the various plots against Hitler’s life (though it does help explain why such amateurish attempts came so late, and failed so miserably). The original German-language title, History of a German, fits it much better.

An unfinished manuscript, written “for the drawer” in the last months before the outbreak of World War II, and published posthumously in Germany only two years ago–minus six chapters that were discovered in March of this year and that have now been incorporated into the English-language edition–this book is at once a history of its own time and a work of prophecy and prophylaxis.

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Daniel Johnson is a columnist for The New York Sun and was formerly a columnist and senior editor for the London Times and Daily Telegraph.