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Doing Business the Iraqi Way:
A Wall Street Man in Bagdad

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ON MAY 24, 1951, while glancing through the business pages of the New York Times, I came upon the following box inserted among the financial advertisements:


Man with banking experience, and, if possible, some legal knowledge, age 40 to 50. Must be American citizen with good appearance, to proceed forthwith Middle East to supervise liquidation of bank. Substantial salary and free transportation.

Presumably many of us have wondered idly what lies behind these advertisements whose writers feel strongly enough about them to pay to lift them from the anonymity of the classified pages. In this case I decided to go beyond idle curiosity. I had been in Wall Street for more than twenty-five years, I had all the listed qualifications, I was rather bored with the routine of the investment banking business, and I decided to respond. Three weeks later I had an American passport, an Iraqi visa, and a round-trip air ticket to Bagdad.

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