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To the Editor

I would like to call attention to several instances of errata in Mr. Steven Marcus’s article, “Terrors of Yoknapatawpha and Fairfield,” in the December 1952 issue of COMMENTARY. He quotes from two of my stories, and in doing so, he allows these mistakes to pass:

  1. “That I am, say, myself, that this or this feel, you can’t have, or [not of] from that man,” etc., etc. (Page 576, 2nd column, first quotation.)
  2. Also, in that same sentence, he has dropped a comma, to wit: “from that man or this, me, you can’t take it,” etc., etc. (Comma after me.)
  3. In the next passage quoted, a word has been added, i.e., “. . . what was it you wanted to get out of something like that, that [no if here] you knew you couldn’t,” etc., etc.

Certainly none of these errors seems enough to bother with, so corrected; but Mr. Marcus is giving “samples of (my) writing. . . ,” and these hardly help. In short, they make completely unclear, in context, what I would hope is not finally so difficult otherwise. Since Mr. Marcus has gone to that trouble of understanding what any of these things are about, he must feel as embarrassed as I do, seeing them turned into nonsense.

Otherwise I would only thank him for his comments—except to add that my name is Creeley, not Creely.

Robert Creeley
Mallorca, Spain


[Mr. Marcus was on a boat on his way to England when his article was set in type and he never saw proof. Undoubtedly the editors should share in the responsibility for these errors.—ED.]



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