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Habimah in New York:
A Great Theater Enters a New Period

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Since their arrival in Palestine in 1928, the Habimah Players have functioned as “State Theater,” though at that time the Jewish state was a vision rather than a reality. From the very beginning, Habimah (which means “stage” in Hebrew) was part of the nation’s cultural core, growing into a national institution whose popularity and ubiquity—in city, town, and village—was in later years matched only by the Palestine Orchestra. Habimah’s permanent building in Tel Aviv was opened, while still unfinished, in 1945. (At one time it had been planned to build a whole artists’ quarter around it to serve as the geographical focus of Hebrew culture.)

Now, for the first time since settling in Palestine, Habimah has returned to the United States (May 1 to June 10 in New York) in the very hour that the state it represents is struggling to secure its existence.

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