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"I Love Iraq, Bomb Texas"

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WITH THIS autumn’s discussion in Washing- ton over what to do about Iraq there ar- rived also the season of protests. They were every- where. In the national newspapers, Common Cause published a full-page letter, backed by “7,000 signatories,” demanding (as if it had been outlawed) a “full and open debate” before any American action against Iraq. More radical cries emanated from Not in Our Name, a nationwide “project,” spearheaded by Noam Chomsky and af- filiates, which likewise ran full-page advertisements in the major papers decrying America’s “war with- out limit,” organized “Days of Resistance” in New York and elsewhere, and in general made known its feeling that the United States rather than Iraq poses the real threat to world peace; at one late- October march in Washington, there were signs proclaiming “I Love Iraq, Bomb Texas,” or depict- ing President Bush wearing a Hitler mustache and giving the Nazi salute. In the dock with America was, of course, Israel: on university campuses, de- mands circulated to disinvest from companies doing business with that “apartheid state”-on the premise, one supposes, that a democratic society with an elected government and a civilian-con- trolled military is demonic in a way that an auto- cratic cabal sponsoring the suicide-murder of civil- ians is not.

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Victor Davis Hanson is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. His “Re-rethinking Iraq: Nothing Succeeds Like Success” appeared in the April COMMENTARY.