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Iran’s Undeniable Motives

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Iran’s Undeniable Motives

With both the United States and Israel debating how best to forestall the nuclearization of Iran, assessing the motivation of those working on the Iranian project is a way to gauge that country’s progress. Thus, the statement uttered by a widow of one of the Iranian nuclear scientists mysteriously slain in recent months—she said her husband’s “ultimate goal was the annihilation of Israel”—was a telling admission for the state’s press service to run, especially because Tehran has contended that its nuclear program is entirely peaceful. The attempt by many in the press and on the left to argue that Iran has no intention of building a bomb was undermined by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s recent statement that Israel is a cancer whose removal from the region is a necessity. Those who say that Israel and the United States should wait and see if Iran does produce a weapon would be well advised to listen to what those in Tehran are actually saying rather than accept the gloss on the subject provided by Israel’s critics in the West.

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