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It's a Secret, by Henry Hoke, and Time Bomb, by E. A. Piller

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Both of these books are exposés of fascist groups and individuals in America. They are fact-books—and little else. As such, they are often valuable, even interesting. But if their purpose is to afford weapons with which to fight fascism effectively, they must be counted failures (of a type becoming increasingly common). For both Mr. Hoke and Mr. Piller lack a theoretical understanding of fascism, and so can offer their readers no substantial perspective for overcoming it. In identifying fascist organizations they are guided purely by rule-of-thumb criteria, such as anti-Semitism, Anglophobia, red-baiting, the anti-New Deal line, pro-Germanism, etc., etc. And they merely identify, they never analyze. Viewed seriously, these volumes are but partial contributions to a “Who’s Who in American Fascism,” offering a skeleton history of the continually disappearing and reappearing fascist groups in this country.

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