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Lessons of the War

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THE GENERAL facts about the recent war are not in much dispute. In a span of about three weeks, the United States military overran a country the size of California. It utterly obliterated Saddam Hussein’s military hardware-tanks, heavy artillery, transport-and tore apart his armies. Of the approx- imately 110 American deaths in the course of the hostilities, fully a fourth occurred as a result of acci- dents, friendly fire, or peacekeeping mishaps rather than at the hands of enemy soldiers. The extraordi- narily low ratio of total American casualties per number of U.S. soldiers deployed, or of American fatalities per Iraqi soldiers killed, is almost un- matched in modern military history-and an unimaginably long way from the specter of Ar- mageddon offered up by a variety of self-proclaimed experts before the war and during its early days.

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Victor Davis Hanson is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. His “Re-rethinking Iraq: Nothing Succeeds Like Success” appeared in the April COMMENTARY.