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Nazis, Jews, and "Mirroring Evil"

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Mirroring Evil: Nazi Imagery/ Recent Art, on view at the Jewish Museum in New York through June 30, is a group show that engendered a storm of controversy even before it opened in March. It was clearly designed as a provocation–comparisons have been made with the last big controversial show in New York, the 1999 Sensation exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.* But there are important differences, the most obvious being that, while Sensation was aimed at shocking the general public and ended up offending Roman Catholics, Mirroring Evil seems aimed at a particular segment of the public, namely, those who, whatever their interest in art, have a definite interest in how the “issue” of the Holocaust is treated. In producing an exhibit in this spirit, those responsible for Mirroring Evil signaled from the start that they were pursuing one or more non-artistic agendas.

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Steven C. Munson’s contributions to COMMENTARY include “David Smith’s Vision” (May 2006) and “Inside the New MOMA” (February 2005).